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Our biorefinery projects are carried out in partnership with several different research centres.

  • V2ARUN: approved by the Reunion Island cluster Qualitropic, this project began in 2006. It aims to extract organic molecules contained in sugarcane and to add economic value by producing bioplastics. The project is run in partnership with the Chemistry of Natural Substances and Food Sciences Laboratory (LCSNSA) at Reunion Island University, the Reunion Island University Institute of Technology in Saint Pierre (IUT) and the Agro-Industrial Chemistry Laboratory of Toulouse (LCA-ENSIACET).
  • Lignophenol: approved by the Reunion Island cluster Qualitropic and the cluster for South-West France Xylofuture, this project aims to separate the different components of bagasse and to find innovative uses to replace products of fossil origin in various chemical sectors. eRcane works on this project in partnership with a paper-maker (Tembec) and laboratories in the universities of Bordeaux and Pau.
  • Studies are also in progress with other research centres (CNRS, INRA, etc.) to find new economic value from all the different sugarcane resources.