Developing sugarcane resources

The eRcane Research Centre has a pivotal role in the sugarcane sector in Réunion while being at the forefront of genetic and technological progress with a view to boosting sugarcane production and ensuring its economic viability and sustainability.

Who are we ?

Since its inception, eRcane has been producing new high-yielding sugarcane varieties through an experimental breeding programme that prioritizes criteria that will ensure the sustainability of growers’ income: upholding high performance during successive crop harvests, focusing on tolerance to diseases, insects, etc.

New expertise has gradually emerged in both the Agronomy and Industry branches.
eRcane is renowned in many other sugarcane producing countries for its core areas of excellence.

eRcane provides technical support in these countries and exports Réunion agronomic and industrial know-how.

Elite Réunion varieties are also tested abroad and some are grown on a commercial scale, including R570 and R579, two local varieties that are currently grown in many countries.

Historical background

fleche droite verte 90 years of sugarcane expertise

The La Bretagne Sugarcane Testing and Genetic Research Centre (Station d’essai et de génétique de la canne de La Bretagne) was founded in 1929 by the Réunion Sugar Producers’ Union (Syndicat des Fabricants de Sucre de La Réunion).
Then in 1974, it became the CERF Research and Training Centre (Centre d’Essais de Recherche et de Formation). In 2009 the research centre celebrated its 80th anniversary, when its name was changed to eRcane

Key figures


eRcane is a two-member, equal-participation economic interest group formed by two Réunion sugar companies: Bois-Rouge Sugar Company (Sucrerie de Bois-Rouge) and the La Réunion Sugar Company (Sucrière de La Réunion).


hommes dos à dos

President :
Philippe Labro

Director :
Bernard Siegmund


90 collaborateurs
ha devoted to sugarcane variety trials carried out in seven breeding stations and in the La Bretagne introduction and hybridization glasshouses


11 sugarcane varieties catalogued for Réunion growers

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partner countries

loupe afrique
breeding sites managed in partnership in Africa: Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal
loupe afrique
Benchmark sugar analysis, green chemistry and automation laboratories
benefits from 54% funding from Réunion commercial sugar companies (Bois-Rouge Sugar Company and La Réunion Sugar Company), 23% from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), with further contributions from the French State, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Réunion Region.