Organic fertilization – TERO Project

Like mineral fertilizers, the use of organic residues requires knowledge of its fertilizer properties to be able to provide farmers with sound advice. Hence the TERO project is based on a network of test sites located in various soil-climate conditions on the island. The tests focus on gaining insight into the nitrogen fertilizer value of Mafor when applied in sugarcane crop fields, as nitrogen is a major yield-enhancing nutrient. This research on different types of organic residues, which will be carried out over 14 years at four sites, focuses on:

  • knowledge of their apparent nitrogen recovery efficiency (ANR) and nitrogen fertilizer equivalence coefficients
  • their direct fertilizer effects and side-effects on sugarcane.

Eight types of Mafor are being studied in the TERO project: filter mud, pig manure, poultry litter, Camp Pierrot compost (solid-phase pig manure, poultry manure, poultry litter), green waste compost, sewage sludge, Digestate for methanisation of distillery vinasse and granulated hen manure.