A brief history of DCS

This section describes our work and is not a recommendation on our part to work with the companies mentioned.

For several years we have been working closely with the ABB supplier with whom we have a privileged technical relationship. We started with the Modumat system, which stopped production in 2000. We are currently providing after-sales support for the last installations that are still in service.

For the past 10 years, we have been using ABB’s new Freelance distributed control system (DCS), which is a very user-friendly tool for both programming and management.
Our two sugar mills in Réunion, as well as the three local distilleries, are equipped with DCS Freelance.
We also operate in French-speaking Africa and the West Indies, where the same DCS is implemented.

Our work locally involves:
* replacement of the old DCS, i.e. ‘revamping 1/1’
* automation of new processes in our sugar mills, with operator training
* DCS maintenance: software and equipment updates
* existing process control optimization.

We also work for companies outside Réunion (West Indies, Africa, etc.). Our aim is to train technicians on this DCS on site or on our premises, and then to supervise them at their site for the first automation installations, until they become self-sufficient with ‘their tool’.