DCS and gateways between systems

In line with technological progress, sugar mills have become equipped with distributed control systems (DCS) to ensure automated control of their processes (data acquisition, transmission and display, control). The eRcane Industrial Automation department provides support by overseeing the installation and maintenance of these systems, whose development requires the creation of technical gateways.

Réunion plants (sugar mills, thermal power stations, distilleries) had been using the Modumat 8000 control system since 1987. The manufacturer (ABB) deleted this system from its catalogue in the 2000s to make way for new more advanced systems. The transition between systems took place gradually between seasons with communication gateways.

DCS technology has markedly advanced since then, and fully digital links are currently possible with other equipment such as programmable controllers and variable speed drives. This is the case with regard to Modbus TCP/IP and Probfius connections.