Demonstration plots – RITA Canne

RITA is based on innovation and transfer—two complementary pillars. For the latter pillar, the demonstration plot system was strengthened in 2019 to support initiatives geared towards the transfer innovative practices to farmers. The system—downstream of the experiments carried out in projects in the RITA Canne innovation network—compares (on growers’ farms) two technical sequences, i.e. that of the grower and that whose agronomic, environmental and economic interests have been demonstrated via the experiments.

In addition to the growers, the approach involves all partners in the sector, including extension agents. It assesses, at the plot level, the feasibility and benefits of innovations and their adaptability to the conditions on farms in various regions. This approach must contribute to the validation and appropriation of the proposed technique by farmers. It also consolidates the initial economic data (gross margins) obtained in the tests.

These plots represent a tool of appropriation by the experimental growers, of validation by technicians, of dissemination to other growers in the area, as well as a driver for ongoing training of technicians.