RITA canne coordination

The RITA Canne Innovation and Agricultural Transfer Network, founded in June 2015, aims to promote innovations, their transfer and appropriation by sugarcane growers by positioning them as major stakeholders in the system.

To effectively meet sugarcane agricultural production needs on the island, the network coordination draws on the skills and expertise of all stakeholders in the sector around sugarcane growers on various themes with a high potential for progress. This coordination has been entrusted to eRcane, which manages this via the head of the Cropping Techniques Department.

RITA Canne’s coordination is based on working groups focused on themes that represent key drivers of production gains:

  • fertilization
  • weed control
  • irrigation
  • plantation, mechanization, varieties.

Coordination of the network was enhanced in 2019 to address the following key initiatives:

  • the set up of a network of demonstration plots;
  • the creation and circulation of communications media
  • the coordination of workshops and seminars focused on technology transfer in the region.