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Communications on technical issues target growers and technicians working in the sector. They take various forms, such as seminars, workshops and technical guidelines.
The subjects include information on norms to respect (herbicides), awareness campaigns on good farming practices (fertilization) and potential productivity gains (renewing plantations).
Since 2007:

  • 2 technical instruction sheets were distributed on pre- and post-emergence herbicide treatments which are approved for use in Reunion Island.
  •  A “Practical Guide to Fertilization” was distributed and was the subject of 2 workshops, helping fifty technicians become familiar with its use.
  • 3 seminars were organized, each grouping about a hundred agronomists, researchers and technicians, on the subjects of fertilization, weed control and planting.

eRcane is also responsible for coordinating the magazine Caro Canne, which is distributed to all the island’s growers three times a year, free of charge. ( available on "Canne progrès" web site )